23RD WONCA Europe Conference

VdGM Pre-Conference

Pre-conference Vasco da Gama Movement 2018


Dates: 23rd‒24th May, 2018         Place: Qubus Hotel, Krakow, Poland

Come to Krakow! 

We are very proud to announce that the next WONCA Europe Pre-conference is going to be held in Poland. 

We'd like to invite you to our city - Krakow from 24th to 27th May, 2018.

The subject "GP - more than a specialist" will be discussed. 

Every day in our practice we change masks, every few minutes. We approach each patient individually by wearing different mask sometimes a cardiologist's mask, then a pediatrician's, later we become an alergologist or dermatologist and often also our patient's friend. Together we will try to answer the question: How to become a better GP? What does being a GP mean exactly? 

We are planning to conduct few interdisciplinary workshops and work in small groups.

We are honored to host you all in lovely Krakow. 

We can't wait to meet you during the Pre-conference. 

See the invitation!

Welcome to Krakow!


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