23RD WONCA Europe Conference

Anna Stavdal

Family Medicine Specialist, President of WONCA Europe, Lecturer and Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.


The gender role shift , - any implications for family medicine?

Since the first academic departments of family medicine were established around 50 years ago, a massive gender role shift has taken place. This shift marks a major change on our society in general, as women are entering key positions on equal terms with their male partners, in politics, in business, in science, and not least within our own profession. Taking this shift into account, how do we adjust and adapt high quality family medicine to our time and age? Anna Stavdal`s talk will shed light on how the shift in the gender mix in our workforce in several ways is changing European family medicine - a discipline originating from a biological understanding of human beings. Does the feminization of our profession affect how medical practice is performed and perceived? What has been gained and what do we risk losing? Social and political trends, invigorated by modern medical technologies enabling us to meddle with our reproductive systems , keep moving the expansion of the gender shift forward in all aspects of life. Are we thus in fact challenging the very biological ,- and social -, differences between the sexes destined by Mother Nature herself?


Anna Stavdal, born in 1959, is a family medicine specialist in Oslo, Norway. She is a part time university teacher and she is teaching and mentoring postgraduate candidates in family medicine specialist training. Her professional base, however, is her surgery and her family practice. She has been active in public debate on health care issues, and she had her own weekly column writing on family medicine issues in the major Norwegian tabloid for seven years. She is a former chair of the Norwegian College of General Practice and the first president of the Nordic Federation of General Practice. She was elected Vice President of WONCA Europe in 2010, and took office as president in 2016.


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